Peter Nencka

Assistant Professor, Miami University


works in progress
The democratization of opportunity: The effects of the U.S. high school movement (with Ezra Karger and Alison Doxey Koetting)
Out of the university, into the workforce: Early 20th century scientific training and industrial research (with Xuechao Qian)
under review
Knowledge access: The effects of Carnegie libraries on innovation (with Enrico Berkes) Conditionally accepted at The Review of Economics and Statistics

The returns to public library investment (with Greg Gilpin and Ezra Karger; also Chicago Federal Reserve working paper 2021-6) Forthcoming at American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
     Media and policy mentions: Marketplace, MarketWatch, Fordham Institute
The Census Place Project: A method for geolocating unstructured place names (with Enrico Berkes and Ezra Karger)  Explorations in Economic History, Vol. 87 (January 2023)
 book chapters
“Credit Constraints Throughout Childhood and Education Attainment” in Annual Proceedings of The Wealth and Well-Being of Nations; The Miller Upton Forum, Volume XII, Beloit College Press. 2021.

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